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In March 2016, I completed a 92 date, sold out tour with the show Dave Gorman Gets Straight To The Point* (*The Powerpoint) - In April, I started my fifth season of monthly Screen Guild shows - shows where introduce great guests and play with new ideas to generate a store of new material. Everything that's been in the last two tours and most of what's gone into the previous 22 episodes of Modern Life Is Goodish was first tried out at a Screen Guild gig. Those were followed by a series of dry runs.

When we film Modern Life Is Goodish, we always record two episodes in a night. And in the week before the recording, I always do a series of small gigs, running the material in, editing it between shows and trying to get a show down to time so that, when we record it, we can make it as close to time as possible. If we succeed, we make a show that doesn't need much editing - and that's what allows us to make a show where there are lots of connections and layers.

The above illustrates the normal cycle of work. I do a series of smaller gigs. I build up material. And then I "spend" the material. Either on tour. Or on telly. Or what have you. Right now, I'm having some time off. But it will start again soon enough and if you'd like to have advance notice on any future tours etc, just sign up to my mailing list here. I don't send out a weekly newsletter. I do let people know what I'm up to. Workwise. Y'know, I don't let you know when I'm popping to the shops.