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Dave Gorman's Powerpoint Presentation

Dave Gorman's Powerpoint Presentation Poster ImageBelow are some quotes from the press reaction to the show. You can go back to the show page, here or see where it is playing live, here.


“…Dave Gorman’s latest offering is a much-needed reminder of how a truly gifted performer can delve beyond clever punchlines and make us look afresh at the world. The nearest thing we have to that late, great American raconteur Spalding Gray, he turns monomania into the most compelling and uplifting of confessionals.” * * * * The Times


"Dave Gorman has returned to the fringe after a few years away with a triumph of a show of the kind he pioneered and still does better than anyone. In a show that is effectively a double-act with his technology, Gorman has turned using PowerPoint into an art form, repeatedly wrongfooting the audience's expectations and finding joy or bewildered outrage in the minutiae of the media that increasingly shape the way we see the world." The Observer


“If it were possible to fall in love – platonically – with the execution of ideas, Dave Gorman would own me, heart and soul. I emerged from his Powerpoint Presentation at The Assembly Rooms feeling fabulous. If you want to laugh in a way that you’ll rarely find with straight stand-up, Dave is your man.” The Sun


"…has transformed the seemingly mundane into hours of unabashed hysteria". * * * * Metro


“It is Gorman’s playful niceness that made the show a winning show… This was superbly structured, packed with precision-tooled punchlines, twists and visual gags. Extremely clever. The man behind me was not laughing, he was positively ululating. And probably still is.” * * * * Evening Standard


“The PowerPoint presentation is becoming a bit of a comedy cliché, but nobody does it nearly as well as Dave Gorman, here dipping into the web and myriad sight gags to marvellous effect.” i

“This is a technically slick, varied and consistently funny return from one of the most highly regarded Jewish comics in the business.” * * * * The Scotsman

"...this is not about the medium, but the material. And what an impressive hour of intelligent, playful, quirky, obsessive and original fun it turns out to be…He’s ruthlessly pedantic (and yes, can use the PowerPoint to stress a point), and sometimes brilliantly obsessed with the trivial…As anyone who’s seen any of his quest shows knows, Gorman is not one to leave an idea at first base, and takes things to extremes. Thankfully, for the sake of his sanity, here it’s just extremes of comic invention he goes to…He whizzes through this material, with the laughs coming frequently – and sometimes without the punchline needing to be said. He is so defined as a benign mischief-maker that he can leave ideas hanging – and we work out what’s coming for ourselves from the clues he scattered along the way.” Chortle


“The audience was visibly exhausted from laughing so much” * * * * * The Jewish Chronicle


"It takes a true master to make intricately layered, perfectly timed visual, verbal and video gags look so effortless, but Dave Gorman is an easy-going genius. The show is utterly hilarious and slides by far too fast - it's only afterwards you realise quite how clever it was... This is a wonderful, joke-packed show, delivered by a master of online and onstage comedy." * * * * * The British Comedy Guide


"judged by the frequency and intensity of the laughter, it is a storming success. A perfect, universally enjoyable, night of comedy."* * * * * Fest Mag


“Dave Gorman is a fast-talking professor of quality gags. And there can’t be too many academics around who can make publicity campaigns about deodorant and mobile phones rib-ticklingly funny. In short, Gorman’s use of PowerPoint is no cheap gimmick. He’s a frightening master of it – screen-capturing, slide-showing and bullet-pointing with such speed and comedy timing, you’d swear that he actually invented it.” * * * * Daily Record


“Gorman proves he has a finger on the pulse of technology while retaining his naturally sharp funnybone.”
 The List


“Staffordshire comedian Dave Gorman went some way to conquering our fears with the most entertaining computer slideshow you’re ever likely to see… Clever, insightful and ingenious.”
* * * * Birmingham Mail


 “The brilliance that runs throughout this show lies in such an apparent regular Joe delivering something so outstandingly clever and well-observed.” * * * * Yorkshire Evening Post


“Powerpoint demands a tight script; the format could easily sink a lesser comedian in a series of clunky punchlines. But he skitters through it all, deftly surfing the waves of laughter with elegance, wit and an easy style that made it appear off the cuff… Always lurking is the thrilling prospect that Gorman will just take an idea and play it to the limit with disarming intelligence, teasing out comic truths at every twist.
Dave Gorman: everyman, extremist, genius.” The Press, York


“The bearded comedian uses the modern man’s flip chart as a prompt for 90 minutes of hilarious anecdotes… His observational humour is spot-on and the powerpoint makes a great visual outlet for his jokes. Gorman is very much a man of the 21st century. Whether it’s via Twitter, Google or other social media, he finds the ridiculous and absurd just waiting for us to discover on the world wide web. It is a true sign of his genius when he takes what is often a rather innocuous-looking advert and exploits it for all the comedy gold it’s worth… An evening full of laughs.” Bristol Evening Post


 “In Gorman’s hands, every show is Genius.” Lancashire Evening Post


“The funnyman brought a traditional and animated style of stand up together with clever slides that came at an amazing rate. Quite simply with Dave Gorman’s unique outlook, insight and eye for mischief even a PowerPoint presentation had everyone in the audience wishing he was their mate.” Evening Express, Aberdeen


“In Dave Gorman’s world, the PowerPoint presentation becomes something like a symphony – a comedic tour-de-force of pie charts and graphs that enraptures and entertains… Presenting a show with so much visual comedy is not something that all comedians would be suited to or get away with but, like all great stand-ups, his timgs is exquisite. With a simple click, he can set up a laugh or deliver a punchline, all the while feeding us information with lashings of verbal dexterity.” Nottingham Evening Post

"Much of Gorman’s humour derives from his ability to, firstly, notice the mundane; and secondly, to break it down into little pieces. Little, hilarious pieces. Take one of his funniest bits, about the times displayed on mobile phone ads. Who notices this? And who then goes around photographing said ads? And who reads all the comments on sensationalistic UK news stories and turns them into a spoken-word poem? Only a mind a brilliantly twisted as Gorman’s can yield such inane, side-splitting humour.” ***** Time Out, Melbourne


"DAVE Gorman's first show in Melbourne after a nine-year absence shows the feisty Brit has lost none of his wit and energy. Taking a more scatter-shot approach than his previous shows, this time Gorman leaps from topic to topic. All the while he's aided by a big screen showing the titular Powerpoint presentation, which delivers plenty of laughs of its own. Gorman is clever - too clever for his audience to predict where the show is going. Whenever we might be second guessing a joke, Gorman outsmarts us and delivers something completely surprising. This is intelligent, witty and energetic comedy from a master of the form." 4.5 stars, The Age (Melbourne)


"There were a few comedians this comedy festival dusting off their computers and tapping away to present their audience with a Powerpoint presentation. So far they’ve been little more than a poorly integrated visual aid, a vaguely tedious distraction that did little but invoke the feeling that you were trapped in a business meeting that you paid entry for. Dave Gorman’s Powerpoint Presentation could have gone this way, but instead it adds something special to the mix. ‘Presentation’ hardly does it justice. His stand-up is quality stuff – ranty, emotional, neurotic material. Add to this a well produced, visually stimulating powerpoint presentation. It isn’t just a visual aid or mental cues, it adds an extra layer to the comedy. Dave Gorman’s Powerpoint Presentation is a clever, well constructed show – using a generic Microsoft application to enhance your comedy routine is always going to be a bit of a risk, but he makes it look easy. So easy, in fact, that I bet there were a few audience members who walked away under the delusion that they’ve unlocked the key to making a boring office presentation more interesting. The Powerpoint presentation is perhaps Gorman’s most lowkey entry into stand-up as far as source material is concerned, but it gives the perfect platform for his comedic skill to shine." Crikey.com.au


"Last night I had the privilege of watching Dave Gorman’s Powerpoint Presentation, which though it sounds like something dull that might occur during a board meeting, was actually an endlessly entertaining stand-up show at Underworld. Gorman is a hilarious, high-energy Englishman.
Going into this show, I was a bit prejudiced against the Powerpoint thing, assuming it might get a little gimmicky. But Gorman didn’t go that route at all; he’s just so damn tech-savvy that the images flashing by on the screen are actually quite graphically stunning. This comedian definitely knows his social media, and knew just how to delight audiences with tales of causing mischief on Twitter. BloodyUnderrated.net


"Far from a gimmick, using the slides proves to be a particularly effective comedic tool, especially in the facility it gives Gorman to quickly pile up visual evidence to buttress whatever point he’s arguing for or against.
You can take it all at face value, simply as comedy, and Dave Gorman’s PowerPoint Presentation is an unmitigated success on that level. But there is also a subversive, culture-jamming spirit at play in Gorman’s presentation, particularly when he trains his sights on the worlds of media (social and mainstream) and marketing. Leaving the show, I couldn’t help shake the feeling that those segments should become mandatory viewing in media literacy classes everywhere.
Gorman is also about as polished a performer as you’ll see at Just for Laughs, betraying none of the side-effects of the shabby, alt-comedy ethos that can occasionally hamper some of the too-cool-for-you performances at the festival’s edgier Zoofest cousin. I don’t think I heard him hem or haw a single time during the hour-plus running time of the show. (And I could have easily sat through another hour.) There’s something to be said for consistently applying that level of professionalism to one’s craft, comedy or otherwise. Trust me, we in the audience notice – and appreciate it." Montreal Gazette